Ofsted Report

What does Ofsted say about our Nursery

Children are safe and happy at the nursery. They arrive with big smiles and are excited to explore and engage in the interesting activities that staff carefully plan for them.

Children settle in well and develop confidence in exploring their environment. They enjoy playing outdoors and develop their physical skills well. For instance, children run, jump and climb. They balance along beams, use the slide and learn to pedal on bikes. Younger children are beginning to walk and cruise around the furniture. They enjoy the healthy lunch and snacks provided, and feed themselves independently using cutlery. Children enjoy looking at books, listening to stories and singing songs. This helps all children develop their speech and learn new words quickly. Older children enjoy retelling familiar stories about princesses and role-play this with one another.

Children behave well. They understand the expectations that staff have of them. For example, they know to tidy up their toys before moving on to the next activity. Staff act as good role models to children. Children receive positive praise from staff about the good choices they make. Children copy this to support and encourage one another by saying ‘good job’, ‘well done’ and ‘we’ve done it’.

See the full review on the Ofsted website.

Overall effectiveness – Good

The quality of education – Good
Behaviour and attitudes – Good
Personal development – Good
Leadership and management – Good