Your Child's Journey

Embarking on a journey of growth and learning at Little Lionhearts Nursery School is an exciting and transformative experience for both your child and you as a parent.

Get Started

Before You Start

Step 1: Book a Visit/Showround Online

Begin your journey with us by booking a visit online. This allows you and your child to experience our nurturing environment firsthand, understand our facilities, safety measures, and observe our learning and play areas.

Step 2: Registration

Register your child through our eco-friendly, paperless process. Complete the online registration form available under the ‘parents’ tab on our website. We’ll get in touch for the next steps, with detailed information available on the ‘My Child’s Journey’ page.

Step 3: Getting to Know Your Child

Post-registration, complete the “All about your child” form to provide us essential insights into your child’s needs, helping us tailor their initial nursery experience.

Step 4: Settling In

Our settling-in process is designed to make the transition smooth for both children and parents:

Day 1: One-hour session with parents in the room.
Day 2: One and a half hours with parents gradually moving to the reception area.
Day 3: Two-hour session where parents can leave but stay close by.

We have prepared a settling in letter for parents to explain what to expect in the settling process.

Steps Towards Success

Step 5: Key Person Assignment

Each child is assigned a Key Person at Little Lionhearts. This dedicated staff member offers personalized support, closely monitoring and nurturing your child’s development and ensuring their individual needs are met in a supportive environment

Step 6: Support and Guidance for Parents

Our team, including the Key Persons, provides parents with guidance on child development, nursery transitions, and educational progress. We maintain open communication, keeping parents well-informed and involved.

Step 7: Regular Communication and Involvement

Parents receive newsletters with school activities and updates. Through the Blossom app, you’ll receive real-time updates about your child’s day, ensuring you stay connected with their nursery experience.

Step 8: Sharing Progress and Achievements

We regularly share each child’s progress and special achievements with parents, strengthening our partnership and keeping you updated on the next steps in their development.

Step 9: Room Transitions and Curriculum

Children progress through our rooms – Little Cubs, Little Lions, and Preschool Pride – each offering a curriculum designed for specific developmental stages, from sensory play and language development to problem-solving and social skills.

Step 10: Be Involved in Your Child's Growth

We invite parents to become active partners in our nursery community. Join us for special event days like Chinese New Year, Diwali, Christmas parties, Halloween, and, of course, your child’s graduation ceremony. This involvement enriches your child’s experience and facilitate better growth.

Toward Brighter Future

Step 11: Preparing for School Transition

Ensuring a smooth transition to school is a key focus at Little Lionhearts Nursery School. We concentrate on building independence, communication, and early academic skills, preparing children to be ‘school ready.’ Our approach involves close collaboration with parents and local schools. We invite school teachers to meet with each child and their Key Person, discussing development and transition strategies.

Activities are tailored to familiarize children with a school environment, including role-play, story sessions about school life, and wearing school uniforms. We also encourage discussions about emotions related to starting school and how to express and manage them.

Parents are integral to this process. We provide guidance on how to support your child’s transition at home and offer school readiness workshops. Our team is always available for any queries or support needed during this critical phase of your child’s educational journey.