About Us

We are dedicated to offering quality education and childcare in a happy, healthy, and stimulating environment. Our approach, rooted in honesty, high-quality, respect, and compassion, is designed to meet the unique needs of each child. With highly qualified staff and a nurturing ethos, we provide a strong foundation for early learning, encouraging exploration, growth, and confidence in preparation for school life.

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Welcome to Little Lionhearts

Little Lionhearts Nursery School is located in Harrow, Northwest London, with the closest tube station being Sudbury Hill. We committed to providing quality education and safe childcare, giving each child from three months to five years old a happy, healthy and stimulating start for their lives. We aim to meet the individual needs of children to develop their skills, positive behaviors, knowledge and confidence required in their later years and to provide the children and their families with a sound foundation to transition into school life.

Our People

We are proud of our team of highly qualified and caring staff who consistently aim to provide the best service to children, parents, and carers. Each staff member dedicates time to meet the individual needs of children’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development, creating a safe and welcoming learning environment. Before joining our team, all staff members go through a thorough interview process and adhere to strict recruitment criteria. Moreover, our staff regularly attend training to enhance their knowledge, acquire new skills, and advance in their careers.

Our Ethos and Philosophy

Our ethos at Little Lionhearts is simple: Honesty, High-Quality, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Collaboration.

Our logo signifies: dauntless courage, hope, joy, kindness and loyalty in love.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

We prioritize the well-being of every child, always putting their needs first. By fostering strong connections with parents and caregivers, we create a supportive environment that nurtures a child’s growth and development. We celebrate individualism, recognizing that each child is unique. Our approach encourages children to explore, engage in active learning, think critically, and embrace challenges, fostering dauntless courage, hope, joy, kindness, and loyalty in love—the very essence of our logo.

What We Offer

Quality Childcare

We provide exceptional childcare, focusing on personalised attention, safety, and developmental learning. Our adaptable, high-quality facilities, combined with a nurturing environment, foster growth and learning. With a dedicated team and a curriculum based on the EYFS framework, we ensure each child receives comprehensive care, education, and support tailored to their individual needs.

Our Rooms

Little Cubs (0-18 months)

In our Little Cubs Room, we create a safe and stimulating environment tailored for our youngest learners. Our curriculum, based on the EYFS framework, focuses on nurturing early development through sensory experiences. Babies are introduced to a world of sounds, sights, and textures, encouraging sensory exploration.

Little Lions (2-3 years old)

The Little Lions Room is designed for toddlers who are discovering their independence and personality. Our activities encourage communication, social skills, and physical development. We provide a balance of supportive teaching and self-discovery, helping toddlers navigate their growing world.

Preschool Pride (3-5 years old)

Our Preschool Pride Room prepares children aged three to five for the transition to primary school. The curriculum is a blend of child-initiated and adult-guided learning, focusing on social skills, problem-solving, and understanding the world. We incorporate a psychologically-based positive discipline approach to support children’s emotional and behavioural development.

Our Location

We are situated within a beautiful Grade II building in the leafy North London Borough of Harrow. The nursery has facilities such as a sunny and therapeutic outdoor garden with the sound of our lovely water feature, quality children’s equipment and computers.

What Our Families are Saying

We were deciding between a few local nurseries and decided on Little Lionhearts Nursery School. All the staff members are amazing and really hands on and support the learning needs of each child. We always look forward to the daily update on the app as to what our daughter has eaten, as she is picky eater and have found she eats a lot more around her age group and with the encouragement from her teachers. Thank you Little Lionheart for all your hard work on a daily basis. Highly recommend if your in Sudbury Hill and Harrow area.

Little Lionheart's is a great nursery. The staff are lovely and there has been low staff turnover which allowed my child to build long-term relationships. We were really satisfied with the experience we had with our first child so we put our youngest there too! Highly recommend this nursery.

This is an excellent nursery. Most of the staff are very caring, and supportive. My son loves the nursery very much and connects with every staff member. Education and activities are good. My overall experience with this nursery (Little Lionhearts Nursery) is good.

Good environment, excellent for kids. All staff are very kind and lovely people. My child loves to come here every day and looks forward to coming.
The only thing I would love is, we should have the food menus like last year.
Overall, an excellent place for my child.

Outstanding nursery.
All staff are welcoming and caring.
My little one has been there for almost nine months.
I have no negative comments about any of the services provided or the staff.
Thanks to everyone in this facility.

My son has settled in here quickly and talks about how much he enjoys his time there. The staff are friendly and the premises is always clean. They have lots of toys and make a variety of different things like cakes, arts and crafts.

Very good staff and so nice, everyone is helpful. I am so happy with the nursery, the kids are so happy and active. Even the children play area is nice and clean and they are maintaining it very nicely. All teachers are very nice and the kids are learning new thinks.

I am so pleased that I chose Little Lionhearts Nursery School for my son. The staff have created such a warm and welcoming environment for the children. The staff are truly incredible and I am confident that they are providing the best opportunities for my son. I greatly appreciate all of the feedback 
that I receive on a daily basis and I am blown away with the progress he is making during his time with them. The communication is excellent and there is a great choice of food. I am particularly grateful to the Baby Room team for their love and warmth.

My son started nursery when he was more than a year old initially he was going three times a week and now he is full-time. I am very happy with his development so far. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

The third nursery I looked at and I was sold on seeing how warm, hands-on, engaging, welcoming, nurturing, and loving the staff were to the little ones. Little Lionhearts adapts to every child's needs and development path and I can already see changes in my baby's social and eating habits. The daily 
feedback is invaluable and updates via the app are so helpful in ensuring parents stay involved.
... My child knows all her teachers and talks about them every day! The teachers here have given my child a second home. They are all friendly and care a lot. The team have been such good influence. The manager and her team have turned this place absolutely worthy of their Ofsted score. I am so sad that my daughter is graduating this year because she will miss this school and so am I.
This nursery is absolutely fantastic. From members to the staff to the food, facilities, feedback at the end of the day and all the resources. I am very grateful to all of you, especially to the team for all the support, love and help to my baby boy. He started nursery with nine months and from the 
first day he is being very happy, friendly and sociable. His constant smile describes how good you all make him feel. Also, the nursery provides a daily diary and some pictures that make you feel calm and happy knowing that your child is in the best hands.
My son started the nursery when he was one year old. Being a covid baby he had hardly met anyone apart from me and my husband, so it was a major change for him. But from the very start the staff has been very supportive and understanding on how much this pandemic has impacted the children, and I think as a parent I had more separation anxiety in leaving him behind. But the staff was always happy to reassure me over the phone or chat and update me on how he is doing. Now six months down on majority of the days he is more than happy to wave me good bye and start his day at the nursery.
Our child started at Little Lionhearts Nursery School when she was 11 months during the challenging times of Covid. It was difficult for us as parents not to know much about what was happening within the nursery but our child has always shown a lot of enthusiasm going there. We even sent our preschooler 
for the holiday from time to time and he was also very excited to return. 
So impressed with Little Lionhearts Nursery School. My son started in February and from the get go they have been absolutely fantastic. Their settling in process is unique to other nurseries and settings I have experienced, they tailor it to the needs of your child for example, increasing hours when 
the child is ready, allowing parents to wait during these initial sessions and answering all the questions that come with starting at a new nursery. 
My son started at the nursery for his settling in this week and where other nurseries I felt uneasy, at Little Lionhearts I knew he was instantly happy and ready to go. He came out smiling and waved bye to the staff where other places he’s come out crying.
The staff are so bubbly and friendly, I love coming to drop off and pick up and wish I could just stay for the whole day, lol.
So far our experience of Little Lionhearts Nursery has been wonderful. The staff are consistently kind, helpful and understanding. The nursery manager is very flexible and sympathetic to the life of a mother that works shifts and tries to be as accommodating as possible.
The food is excellent, nutritious and cooked on site. Furthermore, the use of the Blossom educational app to communicate to parents about their child's well-being throughout the day is excellent.

Their education program is better than high-end schools out there. This school is much more than that. For example In the beginning my kid could not write her name and struggled with composing full sentences. Now, she can write her full name, her vocabulary and grammar are so good and she is able to write and memories the alphabet and numbers and so much more. That’s just a mere fraction of what the school has done. Thank you for everything!

The staff are welcoming and care so much about our kids that it is impossible not to feel in good hands. Even during the Covid lockdowns, they've managed to keep their doors open and have offered an environment as safe as possible for children and parents. We're now moving out and need to change nursery but our child will miss Little Lionhearts Nursery School very much. It was her second home for sure.

All the staff are extremely tentative and kind to both children and parents. I have found each and every member of staff to be positive and enthusiastic. Daily updates on the app make for a really good connection with the nursery and your child, I love being able to see what my son has eaten in the day and what was in his nappies! Makes such a big difference! My child is vegan and they have been completely supportive and have provided excellent meals for him. They also include development updates regularly. I can’t recommend this nursery enough.

... My 10-month-old daughter has already begun to learn and exhibit new skills and seems very settled despite only commencing in the past few weeks.
I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone wanting a safe, enjoyable and encouraging environment for their child.